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Marketing Communications/Creative

Marketing Communications/Creative

Fifth & Park does page design/desktop publishing and layout, logos, imaging, videos, and other marketing materials such as posters, banners, brochures, and flyers.


Marketing services such as one sheets, press releases, blogging, copy writing, and press kits are available.



Great design assists great copy. Sometimes the image sparks the copy; sometimes the copy comes first. Erica designs and produces program books, special sections for newspapers, web content, posters, and banners and when needed will create the required image.


She has a passion for clean lines.

From creating slogans, logos, boilerplates, to images and templates, Erica understands the importance of branding, not just creating content and guidelines but ensuring compliance on and off the page. She understands that your online brand must be in sync with your in real life brand. It’s not just about fonts and colours, it’s about how you treat people.




My specialty is producing program books from start to finish including the artwork and the copy.


I have served as a de facto creative director on various projects.

I strive for accuracy, precision, and consistency in messaging. I have received professional recognition for my publishing work.

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